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Mailing Lists

At Placer Mailing Services, we pride ourselves on understanding the needs and demands of direct marketers and those businesses that engage in direct mailing campaigns. Our staff is comprised of experienced individuals who have been in the Direct Mail industry for years. We provide clients with a single source for all of their mailing list needs, including
  • Business
  • Residential
  • Specialty
  • Zip Code Saturation lists

These services often require significant research and time. We will invest that time for our clients-always finding the most compatible list for your campaign needs while leaving you or your sales staff free to service their customers and generate growth.

Acquiring the best list for your project is essential! Our vast multi-sourcing of major databases throughout the marketplace allows us to offer you the list that will provide the best returns. We are not limited to specific compiler's database files. What does this mean to you? This allows us the ability to offer you the very best list that will support your project and mailing list specifications. Economies of scale allow us to combine the needs of our many clients to obtain substantial discounting, allowing us to provide your data at extremely competitive rates.

Choose A Lists That Fits Your Marketing Promotion Needs

This multi-source database provides accurate and deliverable information from home-based businesses to key decision makers in fortune 500 companies. Source: Credit Agencies, Business directories, etc.

The consumer file is the most comprehensive list available, encompassing 98% of all consumers. This vast database of names incorporates information from 175 million consumers in 110 million households across the nation. By choosing demographic selects you are able to target your audience by age, income, marital status, or gender.
Source: Compiled & Verified public records.

Specialty lists can target lifestyles and particular society segments such as parents with newborns, new homeowners, credit card users, etc. This is a database of special interests attributes that you specify. These different types of lists identify consumers with heavy purchasing trends that are interested in your products or services.
Source: Warranties, public deed records, consumer data, self-reported survey information, county & security.
This type of list has address, no names. When your product is of interest to everyone of all ages & income, this is your idea list. A saturation list is mailed to everyone in a specific area, it is submitted in carrier route walk sequence order and ensures the lowest postage rate!
Source: Postal Services.

We know you've got plenty to do daily running your business! We offer you expert data entry service by entering your data to create your own personal database. We can enter multiple fields, standardize addresses, and add postal saving information with speed & accuracy.

Would you like your database to be more robust and detailed? You can get a complete picture of your customer's ages, income, phone numbers, and many other details added to your existing database with our powerful Data Enhancement service! These enhancements will empower you to target other customers with similar tendencies.

When you use your own mailing list - your mailing list needs to be SAVED AS or EXPORTED as:

Excel, ASCII Comma Delimited, ASCII Tab Delimited, or Dbase

For your convenience, we can receive your list on any of the following formats: CD, Zip Disk, Diskette, or Emailed as an attachment!

How do I export my mailing List?

1) Choose either Export or Save As.
2) Change the file type to one of the acceptable formats listed above.
3) Give the File a name example: Placer072002
4) Save the file to a A drive or a particular location on your c:/ Drive (To email as an attachment.)
5) If your emailing the list go to your email and choose to attach a file. Your email will then want to     know where the file is .....find your particular location and highlight the follow and hit ok.
6) Hit Send Email.

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